Benefits and Financial Help

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Parents claim benefits for their children with Down’s syndrome, and adults with Down’s syndrome also get benefits.

The benefits system is complicated, and many benefits are changing.  We give information about which benefits are often useful to people with Down’s syndrome and their families.

This website can only give general information.  Please check your own situation before making decisions about what to claim.

If you, or members of your family, are subject to immigration control, please get advice before claiming any benefit.  If you claim wrongly, you may put your stay in the UK at risk.

If you would prefer to talk to Chris and Helen, the DSA advisers, ring the Benefits Helpline on 0333 1212 300.  We can assist with appeals.

Opening times:  Monday, Tuesday, and Friday 10-4, and Wednesday and Thursday 10-1.

Where to start

If you are new to the benefits system, try Commonly claimed benefits firstWe list the most commonly claimed benefits in the most common situations, for example, if you’ve just had a baby with Down’s syndrome, or your child has just turned 16.

Then you might want to go onto the Detailed benefit guides for more information.  We have guides for:

Benefits change all the time. You can get up to date information from Benefits News.

The Other benefits section lists various situations, and groups benefits that might be helpful in those circumstances.

You may be able to get financial help outside the benefits system.  Have a look at How to find financial help from charities.

Benefits background information gives more general information, for example, how to challenge a decision, and how the benefits cap works.

If you need information about Direct Payments or other local authority funding go to Local Authority Funding.

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