A Major Adjustment


What’s life like for young people with Down’s syndrome today? Meet Sarah…

Discover one young woman’s inspirational journey to independence and adulthood

In 1999 Sarah’s father Andy Merriman wrote a frank and moving book, A Minor Adjustment, about the challenge of her early years. The national publicity it gained saw it become a treasured resource for other families on a similar journey, selling over 8,000 copies.

Sarah’s story takes us from her starring, aged five, in the Radio4 comedy-drama series based on her own childhood to being part of Michel Roux Jr’s compelling Kitchen Impossible series at 23.

Sarah’s just like any other twenty-something city girl, with a job and regular commute and a busy social life.

While the awareness and visibility of people with Down’s syndrome has never been greater, pre-natal testing could threaten their very existence. Sarah’s generation is the first that has not been written off completely at birth.

The tragedy is that the next generation may be written off before birth.

Andy has combined contributions from Sarah herself, her friends, from the rest of their family and from other parents of children with Down’s syndrome, as well as Peter Davison, Sally Phillips and Kevin Kilbane to make a book that is honest and uplifting, painful and joyous, informative and inspirational.

While every young person with Down’s syndrome is a unique individual with their own ambitions, abilities, skills and plans for the future, Sarah’s story demonstrates how much someone with a learning disability can achieve with the right support and opportunities.

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