Week 10 of Lockdown | Kate’s Blog

This is week 10 of the lockdown. Looking back I have spent many hours on Zoom, exercising, dancing and acting. After two family quiz’s, singing and talking, these were my favourite times. The glorious weather, apart from short walks, our garden is where I spent most of the time. I have even got a bit […]

50 Paintings Of My Sister

Rebecca Hindle has just finished her degree in Fine Arts and her final installation was this collection of paintings of her sister, Charlotte, who has Down’s syndrome. She chose to do this to raise awareness and to show the different sides of Charlotte’s personality. We think you will agree, it is an amazing piece of […]

Short Story Competition Winners

Thanks to everyone who entered our short story competition: The Tales of the Magical Lots Of Socks! A huge variety of magical stories were sent through to us and we absolutely loved reading them. There were stories of time-travel, friendships, monsters, teleportation and… Darth Vader! Of course, as it is a competition there has to […]

Caitlin’s Greeting Cards

Caitlin is 17-years-old and has lots of hobbies. Caitlin’s father, Mark, is part of Team 21 and was meant to be running in this year’s London Marathon which unfortunately was cancelled due to coronavirus. To support her father, Caitlin has decided to combine one of her hobbies, photography and art, to help raise funds for […]

Supporting individuals who have Down’s syndrome and their families through difficult times

The ongoing coverage of our 50th anniversary year has chronicled significant developments in the lives of people who have Down’s syndrome. There is much to celebrate. People who have Down’s syndrome are living much longer, enjoying lives included in their community, with greater independence, which might encompass paid employment and living in their own accommodation. […]

Calling Friends and Weights | Kate’s Blog

Each day I have been following the same routine a local walk with one of my parents, speaking to my friends and family on my telephone and on certain days joining my dance group with dancing and acting. A new activity is exercising with weights. I hope to increase my stamina over the coming weeks. […]