For People with Down's Syndrome : World Down Syndrome Day 2018

Every year World Down Syndrome Day is celebrated on March 21st.


This year, the global theme is What I Bring To My Community encouraging every person with Down syndrome to tell the world what you bring to your community.

People with Down’s syndrome from all over the world will be coming together at the United Nations in Geneva and New York to highlight the contributions people have made, to encourage the global community to be more inclusive and to empower people with Down’s syndrome to advocate for their rights and opportunities to make meaningful contributions.

All over the world people will be wearing #LotsOfSocks socks to raise awareness of World Down Syndrome Day.

In 2017… 

The film has been made CoorDown, Italy, Down Syndrome International, UK Down’s Syndrome Association , Australia Down Syndrome and Fondation Lejeune in France:

World Down Syndrome Day Global Video Event


People with Down’s syndrome from around the world have been filmed for #WDSD17.


Here is the film from the UK.  Enjoy!

Click here to watch the films from 30 countries!

We shared films made by adults in the UK.  You can watch them all here.


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