For People with Down's Syndrome : Living the Way You Want

These leaflets are all about Living the Way You Want. They are in Easy Read.

A note for parents and carers: These booklets are useful tools to help families and their family member with Down’s syndrome think about what they might like to happen in the future. Any support services paid for by the local authority will be based on an assessment of need for the person with Down’s syndrome. This means that whilst the local authority must consider what the assessed person would like, they are within their rights to meet the person’s needs in other cost effective ways. 

You can download the leaflets by clicking on the covers.

Making choices about where to live

LTWYW Series Choosing Where to Live ER  LTWYW Series Choosing Who to Live With ER  LTWYW Series What is Supported Living ER

LTWYW Series Getting Ready to Move Out ER  LTWYW Series Getting Help in Your Home ER  LTWYW Series Looking After Your Home ER

Looking after yourself

LTWYW Series Staying Safe ER  LTWYW Series When There is a Problem ER

LTWYW Series Learning to be More Independent ER]  LTWYW Series Making Choices ER

Managing your money

LTWYW Series Looking After Your Money ER  LTWYW Series Paying Bills ER

Looking after your health

LTWYW Series Going to the chemist ER  LTWYW Series Going to the Doctor ER  LTWYW Series Staying Healthy ER

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