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group of adults with Down's syndrome

What is ‘Having A Voice®’?

We are very excited about the ‘Having A Voice®’ project.  Having A Voice® is about giving people with Down’s syndrome a platform to have their say and be heard.

Having the opportunity to have your say and be listened to is important for everyone. We want there to be spaces where people with Down’s syndrome can express their opinions and share experiences. We also want to provide opportunities for people to influence their communities and wider society, as well as our work at the DSA.

What will Having A Voice® do?

To reach as many people as possible, we want to set up several Having A Voice® groups in different parts of the country.

These groups will inform the DSA’s work and help us develop resources for people with Down’s syndrome, including publications and a revamped easy to read section on our website. They have already helped us design our Adult Health Book and new look Down2Earth magazine.

We also hope the Having A Voice® groups will provide opportunities for meeting new people, sharing experiences and discussing issues that are important to them.

More information

We would like to see more regional Having A Voice® groups across the country. If you are interested in joining an existing group, want set up a Having A Voice® group in your area, or would just like to know more about the project, please contact us at info@down-syndrome.org.uk.

We have information about Having a Voice for people with Down’s syndrome on our website

Download these publications about Having A Voice®:

Having a Voice About the Project cover    Having a Voice EasyRead cover

HAV Series Having a Voice About the Project

HAV Series About Having a Voice EasyRead

Supplementary materials

The following supplementary materials to assist in running a Having A Voice® group are available on request in PDF format. To obtain copies by email contact the Information Team on info@downs-syndrome.org.uk

  • Session Agenda
  • Feedback
  • Session Feedback
  • Certificate of Participation
  • Session Summary

Having a Voice Session feedback image  Having a Voice feedback EasyRead image  Having a Voice Session summary image

Having a Voice Session agenda image  HAV Series Certificate of Participation image

Having a Voice Groups

Down2Earth (London)

Down 2 Earth group

Down2Earth has been very exciting this year. We have now welcomed several new members to the group, and it’s been great to get to know them and hear their ideas.

The group has already been very busy. Some things we have been doing this year are:

  • Talking about the Having A Voice® project and ways to have your say
  • Thinking about the ‘People with Down’s Syndrome’ section on the DSA website and how to make it better
  • Looking at Easy Read guides and coming up with advice for the DSA on Easy Read
  • Making a video about what we do at Down2Earth for people with Down’s syndrome for the DSA website
  • Discussing managing your money and what questions they have about looking after money
  • Voting for topics to talk about in future sessions

Get the latest updates about Down2Earth.

Our Voice, Our Choice South West

group of people making a mind map

We are excited to announce the launch of first regional Having A Voice® group, ‘Our Voice, Our Choice South West’. Like Down2Earth, Our Voice, Our Choice South West meets monthly to discuss topics that are important to them and help the DSA.

Get the latest updates about Our Voice, Our Choice South West.

Swindon Stands Up and Speaks

Down's syndrome

Swindon Stands Up and Speaks held their first Having A Voice® meeting in February 2016 with members of Swindon Youth Club, in association with Swindon Down’s Syndrome Support Group.

At their first meeting they agreed the name of the group and discussed some of the topics they might want to talk about in the future. There were lots of ideas about what to discuss, including stop bullyingfamily and friends, relationships, hobbies and health.

Get the latest updates about Swindon Stands Up and Speaks.

Having A Voice®  is a registered trade mark of the Down’s Syndrome Association

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