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What is ‘Having A Voice®’?

One of the DSA’s strategic aims is to involve adults who have Down’s syndrome in our work, creating opportunities for people to be the voice of the organisation and continuing to ensure that people are involved at all levels.

To help to meet these objectives we support a growing self-advocacy project, Having a Voice, through which people with Down’s syndrome can express their opinions and share their experiences, influence their communities and guide our work.

Having a Voice members belong to a network of peers with whom they can discuss the issues that matter to them and which directly influence our work, including contributing to local and national policy. Having a Voice meetings also encourage friendships and enable people with Down’s syndrome to express themselves. The groups welcome and include members who have little or no spoken language and/or dual diagnoses with autism and other conditions.

Currently, we support three groups with 50 members who meet regularly in Devon, London and North Wales. For example, members co-produce projects and resources, guide future services and research, and contribute as stakeholders through representation to our Board of Trustees.

We have information about Having a Voice for people with Down’s syndrome on our website

Download these publications about Having A Voice®:

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HAV Series Having a Voice About the Project

HAV Series About Having a Voice EasyRead

Having a Voice Groups

Down2Earth (London)

Down 2 Earth group

The Down2Earth group meets in west London.

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Our Voice, Our Choice South West

group of people making a mind map

Our Voice, Our Choice South West meets in Devon.

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Having A Voice®  is a registered trade mark of the Down’s Syndrome Association

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