About Down's Syndrome : World Down Syndrome Day

Every year World Down Syndrome Day* is celebrated on March 21st.  Not only does the global community celebrate Down’s syndrome, the day allows focus on a particular issue.

This year, the global theme was MyVoiceMyCommunity – enabling people with Down syndrome to speak up, be heard and influence policy. 

People with Down’s syndrome from the UK spoke at the UN in New York and Geneva.

People with Down’s syndrome in the UK have something to say. They want to be heard.  Their opinions count. 

Watch their films here:

Irene Galli, a young woman with Down’s syndrome gave a short speech to introduce the campaign film #NotSpecialNeeds created by CoorDown, Italy, together with Down Syndrome International and with the contribution of Down’s Syndrome Association (UK), Australia Down Syndrome and Fondation Lejeune in France:

World Down Syndrome Day Global Video Event

People with Down’s syndrome from around the world were filmed for #WDSD17.

Here is the film from the UK.  Enjoy!

Click here to watch the films from 30 countries!

*In the UK we use the ‘s (Down’s syndrome).  In many countries around the world they don’t (Down syndrome).  Either are acceptable.