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“Vision month” round up

As our “vision month” is drawing to end, we thought it would be helpful to round up all the blog posts and resources that we have shared over the last four weeks.…

Bifocal lenses blog

Why is my Child Wearing Bifocal Lenses?

Your child has been prescribed glasses with bifocal lenses to help them to read. They have been found to have a problem with the way in which their eyes focus on close objects. The bifocal lens…

glasses KP

Think BIG Think BOLD

It is important to keep things bold for Everyone with Down’s syndrome. Children and adults with Down’s syndrome see things less clearly.…

Think big think bold blog

Visual Acuity – Think big, Think bold

n 2013 the DSA ran a campaign about visual acuity (clarity of sight) in people with Down’s syndrome.  As part of our ‘Vision Month’ this November, we are re-visiting the s…

DSA Journals

DSA Journal 132 Autumn / Winter 2015 | Published September 2015. Find out about the DSA Journal.
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