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With the help of the City Bridge Trust has enabled DSA to deliver its innovative and far reaching “In Transit” project for young people with Down’s syndrome in Greater London who are at a stage of transition in their lives-moving from school/college into employment and/or from parental care into supported living.

Transition from child services to adult services is typically problematic and notoriously fragile; particularly when approaching Further Education (FE) and employment. Young people with DS require greater support in  understanding and developing their identity, sexuality and relationships; age appropriate behaviour; independence; employment; money skills; using public transport. In Transit provides comprehensive support reflecting up to date legislation in education, health, welfare services and social care required to ensure people with DS realise their potential and live meaningful, semi-independent lives.

If you are a Trustee of a Charitable Trust or Foundation and you would like to find out more about this exciting, ongoing activity, please contact Sharon Gordon-Roberts Tel: 0333 121 2300 Email:

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