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  • The DSA wants to be open to everyone. This includes supporting people from all ethnic backgrounds. In order for us to develop ways of reaching all who need our support, we respectfully ask you to complete this box. All information is treated confidentially and will not be passed onto anyone else.
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    • Free Lifetime Membership (if you are 18 years or over)
      (Unfortunately, we are unable to send any publications to anybody overseas for free.)


    • UK Annual subscription - £15 (GBP)
    • Overseas Members Annual Subscription - £30 (GBP)
      (This subscription will enable overseas members to also receive our publications.)

    Payment options are:

    • UK Annual subscription - £15 (GBP).
    • UK Only - Free membership is available for new parents/carers of a baby with Down’s syndrome under 1 years of age.
    • Overseas Members Annual subscription subscription - £30 (GBP)
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  • Online payments are made via PayPal. Please note that you don't need a PayPal account to make a payment - just follow the link "Don't have a PayPal account?" when you check out.
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  • Thank you for your application for membership. Please be assured that your personal details, recorded on our database, will not be shared with other organisations without your permission. As a member, you will automatically receive our journal, magazine and e-newsletter.
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