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What is better than getting together with your friends and family to play a game?

During this current time, everyone is looking for ways to stay connected and have fun with those they love. Maybe we could combine this with supporting the Down’s Syndrome Association (DSA)? Why not run a Charity Virtual Pub Quiz?

Pop a bottle of your favourite drink in the fridge and pour some snacks into a bowl. You won’t be able to tell the difference between your lounge and your local pub!

Need inspiration as the Quiz Master? With the help of DSA staff members and friends of the charity, we have put together several rounds of questions for you to use. You can find these here!


  • Step 1: Invite your family and friends to join you and tell them how much it’ll be per person. You can hold your virtual pub quiz via the following ways: FaceTime, WhatsApp Video, Facebook/Instagram Live, Houseparty app or you could even via email or text.
  • Step 2: Get each team to choose their team name and send these over to you before the quiz starts. This way you can keep tabs on their answers as they are sent to you.
  • Step 3: Have your questions and a score card ready (we’ve designed a template that you can find below). Have a set start time and let your teams know how many questions/rounds there will be. Perhaps you could even tempt them with some sort of prize? The Fundraising Team at the DSA will be happy to share any winners on our Twitter page too.
  • Step 4: Once you have finished the quiz, take some time to go through the answers and score card. A great time for team to grab another drink, enjoy some snacks and interact with the other teams.
  • Step 5: Share the results! You could even make it a regular virtual get together? Why not create a Facebook Group or Event that you keep updating with any results.


How do I tell the DSA?

Get in touch with us via social media or email ( and let us know your plans. We’ll need your details so we can add you to our system so that any money raised can be linked to your record.

How much should people donate?

We suggest at least a £1 per person, but you can charge whatever you like. You can ask those playing to pay you directly, set up a Facebook Fundraiser where they can donate to, or even donate directly to the DSA. If you do the latter, make sure you tell them to use a special reference so that we know its from your fundraiser (and don’t forget to share this reference with us too)!


Winning is a prize itself, but if you do want to make it interesting the options are limitless. However, we would be more than happy to send out some DSA goodies once we are back in the office. Your teams can also send us photos that we can share on social media to rave about their win!


Why not have a few different rounds of questions? History, sport, general knowledge, music, films and even some questions on Down’s syndrome and also the DSA itself? We’ve listed some potential questions and answers on this page.

How do I get the team’s answers?

You don’t want them shouting them out for each other to hear! Get each team/participant to have a piece of paper and a pen so they can note down their answers. After each round or section of questions, ask them to send these to you. Or you can wait until the end of the quiz to receive all of the answers at the same time. Don’t forget to call last orders before you share the results… They really won’t know that they’re in their homes and not their local pub!

Remember, it’s YOUR Virtual Pub Quiz, so you can run it however you want to. This type of fundraising is geared to everyone enjoying themselves and making being stuck at home a more fun experience.

Find even more questions and a scoreboard here.

We’ve got helpful fundraising resources on our website. You can find our original ones here and our 50th Anniversary themed ones here


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