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Unfortunately there won’t be many fairs, dinner dances or charity days this year, but it doesn’t mean you can’t host something at home for your family and others to enjoy! We’ve listed some great ideas below that you can take on and share with others while you support the DSA.  We can also send out virtual certificates to people as well as DSA prizes once we’re back in the office (subject to agreements).

Please let us know WHO you are and WHAT you’re doing so we can cheer you on, assist you where we can and of course congratulate you when you finish. You can do this my downloading and filling out our Fundraising Form and then sending it over to the team via email:

Who are you home with?

  • You may be surprised how many members of your household want to get involved in your fundraising. What event could you set up for everyone to enjoy?
  • Could you host a families Olympic Games? Get your family friends involved too and spend a few weeks taking part in different virtual events. Facebook fundraiser anyone?
  • Need to share out the housework? Why not make it a competition or a reward process? All while help the DSA!
  • Great Household Bake Off? In true Paul Hollywood style, set yourself different bakes and whoever wins can choose the amount donated by the other contestants?
  • Board Game Bonanza—Who will come out as the winner?

Pets, glorious pets!

Your furry friends must be incredibly happy to have you home, how can you get them involved with your fundraising?

  • Set up a pet agility course and ask your friends to do the same along with a donation. Who’s pet will win?
  • Have animals that aren’t very agile? How about a tortoise race, hamster wheel run or a parrot singing competition?
  • Who can take the best photo of their pet in a pair of our #LotsOfSocks? Share them with us on social media! We could even judge if you’d like?
  • Do a voice-over video of your pet talking about how people can support the DSA?

Creative Competitions

Ask people entering the competition to donate to your fundraising page, explain when the deadline is and what the prize is. The DSA can send out a virtual certificate too and help judge online.

  • How many sweets in the jar?
  • Guess the name of the teddy bear?
  • Colouring competition?
  • Photography competition—who can take the best photo of…?
  • Who can blow the biggest bubble gum bubble?
  • Virtual ‘Chubby Bunny’?
  • Who can write the best short story?

Everything else…

Here are the random, rambling and rad thoughts of the DSA Fundraising Team which might help to get your fundraising brain in gear…

  • Do you have a skill that you can share with people? Could you ask for donations so teach your family, friends or even people online?
  • Start making products that you can sell at a future fair or fete? Just because we can’t enjoy these now, doesn’t mean you can’t plan ahead!
  • Knit your own #LotsOfSocks and you may be able to get donations for them?
  • More time to focus on getting fit and losing weight? Take on the £1 for a 1lb challenge!

We’ve been creating some Community Fundraising resources for you to print at home. Check them out below!


How Many…

Guess The Name…



We’ve got helpful fundraising resources on our website. You can find our original ones here and our 50th Anniversary themed ones here. 


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