Support Us : My World Down Syndrome Day Skydive…

Lex looking nervous

…by Alexa Dizon, Fundraising Manager, DSA.

When getting the applications through for this year’s WDSD jump I got a little over excited and decided to book myself onto the jump along with my sister. Awareness Week crept up on us pretty quickly with the fundraising team buried under mountains of socks and before I’d even had a chance to think about things, it was the morning of World Down Syndrome Day and I was en route to Salisbury…

I hadn’t really had the chance to get nervous. A few people in the office joked that it was nice knowing me but other than that I was pretty calm. Check in was done, we’d met up with most of the other DSA jumpers and everyone has kitted up with T-shirts and socks. We got called through for training and I suppose if I’m honest, the reality of what I was about to do was finally hitting home – my biggest fear was getting into the tiny plane – getting out of it didn’t seem that bad!

The cloud suddenly came over and we were put on a weather hold. As the hours ticked by and after a few discussions with the instructors, we were considering trying to reschedule on a clearer day. The jump was looking less and less likely, when suddenly the voice on the tannoy called me and the first group of DSA jumpers through to get their harnesses on! Safety kit on, funny leather swimming cap perched on top of my head and we were all of a sudden in the pen waiting to board. Not one of us could stand still – hopping from one foot to the other, giggling nervously… and then we were off!

We crammed into the tiny tin can with wings, bounced down the runway and then we were in the air. Our instructors were fantastic – chatting non-stop to keep our minds off of what we were about to do. Before we knew it, we were at the right altitude, the doors opened and we were out! There’s no dangling on the edge crying and changing your mind: you’re at the door, head back, legs tucked up and away! The freefall was truly incredible and totally surreal. After about 20 seconds the parachute went up and the gentle descent began. Floating through the clouds with the stunning English countryside all around is honestly one of the most amazing things I’ve ever experienced and something I would recommend to everyone!

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