Support Us : Sport for Charity Events

DSA have a partnership with Sport for Charity which allows the charity to purchase places in a number of different events both in the UK and abroad. As there are so many events, we have listed all of them below. If you want any more information on any of the events then please email

10K Runs

Event Date Deadline Reg Fee Fundraising Target
Leeds 10K 7th July 28th June











Wales 10K 7th July 5th June
Burnley 10K 21st July 12th July
ASICS London 21st July 10th July
York 10K 4th August 26th July
Bury 10K 15th September 30th August
Scottish 10K 22nd September 20th September
Sheffield 10K 22nd September 6th September
Bournemouth 10K 5th October 2nd October
London Supernova Run 18th October 15th October
Run Tatton 2nd November 23rd October
Men’s 10K 3rd November 30th October


Half Marathons

Event Date Deadline Reg Fee Fundraising Target
Cheshire Half Marathon 1st September 21st August £25 £250
Scottish Half Marathon 22nd September 18th September
Salisbury Half Marathon 29th September 6th September
Manchester Half Marathon 13th October 19th September
Oxford Half Marathon 13th October 10th October
Amsterdam Half Marathon 20th October 11th July £30 £300
Tatton Park Half Marathon 3rd November 23rd October £25 £250
Semi Marathon de Paris 1st March 2020 18th January 2020 £30 £300



Event Date Deadline Reg Fee Fundraising Target
Chester Marathon 6th October 20th September £30 £400
Amsterdam Marathon 20th October 11th July £40 £400
Yorkshire Marathon 20th October 30th June £30 £40
Manchester Marathon 5th April 2020 1st March 2020


Other Events

Event Date Deadline Reg Fee Fundraising Target
Spartan Series (Marston Lodge) 13-14th July 4th July £20-30 £200-300
London Triathlon 27-28th July 18th July £30 £300
Mudnificent 7 17th August 7th August
Gower Triathlon 31st August 8th August £25 £250
London Duathlon 8th September 23rd August £30 £300
Gauntlet Games 15th September 5th September £20 £200
Zombie Evacuation 15th September 5th September
Mumbles Triathlon 28th September 6th September
Spartan Series (Windsor) 5-6th October 27th September £20-30 £200-300


This list is being updated throughout the year, so make sure to check back here if you’re keen to take on a challenge for Team 21!

You can also find out more information on Sport for Charity here.