Support Us : Zambia – Zambezi Blast

Zambia 2Charity challenges just don’t get much more extreme than this! Water sport enthusiasts consider The Zambezi one of the BIGGEST white-water rivers in the world!

Beneath the mist of the stunning Victoria Falls, deep in the Batoka Gorge would have to be one of the most dramatic places in the World to start a charity challenge white-water rafting trip.

From the very first rapid encountered, you have embarked on a river journey with some of the most exhilarating white-water and spectacular scenery that you’ll experience in your life.

Exceptionally challenging, The Zambezi Blast is a rafting expedition that will take you through some of the worlds biggest commercially run rapids – this charity challenge is not for the faint hearted.

From the best white-water on the planet, amazing sandy beaches, to a helicopter flight through the Batoka Gorge and over Victoria Falls – Africa delivers a feast of adventure in the world of charity events!

Is this challenge right for me?

ABSOLUTELY!! This Challenge is suitable for people of all ages (minimum 17 years old). The Zambezi River is classed as a Grade 4 and Grade 5 river, meaning that is one of the biggest white-water destinations in the World. Participants should feel confident of their ability to swim in moving water.  This trip has been designed to be challenging, but achievable by anyone as long as you train before hand. Remember, you are rafting for 4 consecutive days and in very hot temperatures, sometimes over 40°C – the fitter you are the more you will enjoy this Challenge. There are some points where we will need to porter our gear around some of the un-runable rapids, so you will need to help with carrying equipment. Even though this is a rafting Challenge, participants do still need to have a reasonable levels of fitness as you will be doing much more than just ‘sitting down’ all day!

For more information, please check out the Global Adventure Challenges website

Sponsorship: Registration fee: £399 (non-refundable deposit made payable directly to Global Adventure Challenges)
Minimum sponsorship: £3, 800 (excluding Gift Aid) + £250 airport tax