Support Us : Rough Runner

Rough Runner is a new breed of sports event for the whole family.

It merges distance running (there’s a 5km, 10km and 15km run) and obstacles that you’ll have to take on along the way. But not just the regular, military-style obstacles you’ll see on every other event out there, that do nothing but freeze, burn, lacerate and electrocute you. Instead, the obstacles are inspired by all those game shows we love – Takeshi’s Castle, Wipeout, Gladiator, Ninja Warrior and more. So if you’ve ever thought that the Travelator looked like a challenge off Gladiators, a sweeper obstacle would be a great laugh, or you just fancy a go on the big balls, then Rough Runner is for you.

The Roughian Rascals Mile!

The obstacle course for kids. Featuring a set of challenging but child-friendly obstacles, especially for adventure-seeking kids! It’s the perfect introduction to obstacle events for kids from roughly 7-12 years old.Great for the next family adventure, and to challenge and excite kids and teenagers, to inspire them to enjoy fitness and the outdoors.

With a registration fee of £20 and a fundraising target of £200 why would you not join Team 21 for this fantastic event?

If you would like to join Team 21 then just drop us an email.

If you are taking part in fundraising events – running, cycling or trekking, buy your socks from and get a 10% discount.

Use code DSACHARITY10, 10% of order placed will be donated to DSA.

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