Support Us : At University or College

We know you students are incredibly creative when it comes to fundraising but here are a few ideas:

Odd Socks
people wearing odd socks close upIt’s time to express yourself – mix and match your most brilliant, brightest socks and come into University exploding with colour – the wackier the better! Alternatively you can wear Lots of Socks (which can be purchased in our shop)Down Syndrome International‘s special event to celebrate World Down’s Syndrome Day (21st March).

Wear Green
Why not get everyone to wear green for the day or dress up as famous ‘green’ characters such as Shrek, the Wicked Witch of the West, or Kermit the frog. Charge everyone a small fee (£1) and have a great day! Be sure to send us your pictures.

Tempt your competitive streak – pick something everybody’s talking about, from the Rugby World Cup to the British Bake Off and get them all to place their bets. Split the winnings in two, half for the winner and half for the DSA.

Tug of WarTug of War
Time to test your (and your friend’s) muscles – organise a tournament in which teams battle it out to find the toughest champions. Set an entry fee or ask for a donation to enter, buy a prize for the winning team and make sure you stretch first!

Give it up
It’s that time to cut back – pick something you really love and try to manage without it for a designated time period, asking friends and family to sponsor you. Whether it be alcohol, smoking or chocolate, both you and the DSA should be pleased with the results.

Swag Swish Swap
Child standing in lots of clothesWe all have clothes sitting in our wardrobes we’ve been clinging onto or refuse to throw away because ‘you might wear them again’. Why not hold a swag swish swap?

Charge an entry fee (£5 for example) and invite everyone to bring three items of clothing or accessories and then swap them with other people for an easy way to update your wardrobe!

Organise a night out you may regret – but most certainly won’t forget. Spend a night belting out all your favourite anthems with your friends, charging a small fee to sing each song. If you want to go old school and use trusty sing star, you can even host it in your own home!

Personal Challenge 21
Ever wonder how long it would take you to score 21 goals? Or how quickly you can swim 21 laps? Find something that challenges you and set a tricky time limit, in which to complete it 21 times. Ask people for sponsorship or to give a donation to watch, as you celebrate chromosome number 21.

Pub Quiz
The DSA have devised a six round pub quiz for a fun and easy way to raise money! All you have to do is find a venue and recruit your teams and away you go! To request a pub quiz pack, just email us today!

Bike 2

We offer a range of events – some allow you to travel, play in the mud or dive out of a plane! You can take part individually or as a team. Check out the Events section of our website for more details.


Phone Recycling

Mobile phone recycling is one of the simplest ways of fundraising for the DSA. Why not design a mobile phone collection box and ask everyone to have a look round their houses for any unused phones to bring in and pop in your box? When the box is full, give us a call on 0333 121 2300 and we’ll arrange for the phones to be collected. Not only will you be helping the environment, but you’ll also be raising vital cash for the DSA!


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