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Ready to raise some money? Check out some of our fun filled ideas and adapt them to suit you:

Do get active! – Sports are a great way to challenge yourself, raise money and have lots of fun. Find a sport you love and get teams together, play a match or maybe even a tournament. Test your legs by setting up school races, being as imaginative as you dare – an egg and spoon or three-legged race are always good crowd pleasers and can be even funnier if you persuade the teacher’s to join in too! Charge a small entry fee, both to take part and to watch.

Odd socks – Help raise awareness by wearing the brightest, most colourful socks you can find, preferably mixing and matching pairs until your feet light up the room! Alternatively you can wear Lots of Socks (which can be purchased in our shop)– Down Syndrome International’s special event to celebrate World Down’s Syndrome Day (21st March).Close up feet people wearing odd socks

Wear green – help make people more aware of the DSA. Hold a mufti day with a twist, charging a small fee for your class mates to dress up in all the green clothing they can find. You could go one step further by inventing a theme, or dressing up as your favourite green characters, including the Wicked Witch, the Hulk or Kermit the frog. Be sure to send in you photos!

Notice everybody’s skills – host your very own talent show. Invite as wide an assortment of acts as you can think of (the school’s musicians, actors, dancers, magicians etc.) – charge them to participate and others to watch, providing a prize for the winner. Make sure to spread the word about the DSA, perhaps with short presentatTalentions giving fun facts about Down’s Syndrome.

Shhhhh! How long are you able to stay silent? It’s a lot harder than it sounds. Get family, friends and teachers to sponsor you and see if you can stay completely quiet for an entire day. Make sure you have a sign telling people what you’re doing, cover it with green and make people want to ask you questions all about the DSA – when you can talk again!


Stop……! To get the most out of it, try to really challenge yourself – anyone can give up their nasty maths homework! Give up something you love – whether it be swapping chocolate for broccoli, school dinners for packed lunches or getting a lift to walking to school. Set a goal for how long you plan to go without, getting your friends and family to sponsor you.

Yummy baking! Everybody loves a sweet treat every now and then so why not get your friends and teachers baking to raise money for the DSA? Plan your sale within your class or whole school, charge a fee for a slice of cake/biscuit and voila! You’ve not only had great fun baking and eating lots of yummy things but you’ve raised money for the DSA! We even have some recipes to give you some ideas to get you started.Two chidlren baking

Number 21 game – support those with the number 21 chromosome, by inviting your classmates to play the famous game. The rules are simple – sit in a circle and each player takes it in turn to count upwards, using either one, two or three numbers. However, once a player hits 21 they’re out! Keep playing until you have a winner and reward them with a prize. This game can be adapted – play any of your favourites, or if you can’t decide turn it into a games afternoon, charging small fees to take part.

Dance the day away – grab your friends and set up your very own dance-a-thon. Find a location (your school hall, or perhaps even your back garden should do the trick), blast out your favourite songs and test out those new moves. Set yourself a challenge time –make sure you dance until you drop! Ask friends and family to sponsor you and if you want to go that extra step – add a fancy dress theme, or wear green to help raise further awareness of the DSA.

Recycle your phones – Mobile phone recycling is one of the simplest ways of fundraising for the DSA. Why not design a mobile phone collection box and ask everyone in your class/school to have a look round their houses for any unused (check with your parents first) phones to bring in and pop in your box? When the box is full, give us a call on 0333 121 2300 and we’ll arrange for the phones to be collected. Not only will you be helping the environment, but you’ll also be raising vital cash for the DSA!

Offer a service – What are your skills? Who could you offer them too? Offer somebody a service for a fee – whether it be walking the neighbour’s dog, painting the garden fence or being a friend’s slave for the day.  DSA2

Mark the spot – Head down to your local park to hunt for some treasure. Hide a prize and charge people a fee to take part. Add clues and obstacles to make it extra tricky – and extra fun!

Experiment – get creative! Open up those brain boxes and see what fantastic fundraising ideas you can come up with. Pick something simple and that you enjoy – the most important thing is to have fun!

Bear 1 Big Fun 1

You can even combine the above and hold a Big Step Forward where everybody wears odd socks or green and finish it off with a picnic/cake sale!


Big Step Forward
The Big Step Forward is a fantastic way of getting together, raising awareness and vital funds for the DSA but also having a fun filled afternoon with your friends and family! We can provide you with a ‘How To’ pack to get your started and be on hand to answer any questions you can have – all you have to do is pick a distance and get everyone involved. Your walk could involve a couple of laps of the school field or Local Park, just charge everyone an entrance fee or ask people to get sponsored! You could even tie the event in with a cake sale or picnic so everyone has something to look forward to at the end.


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