Support Us : Why 21?

Down’s syndrome is caused by the presence of an extra copy of chromosome 21.  We have therefore come up with a selection of challenges for you all based on the number 21! The challenges are hugely varied, so anyone can take part, whether you are sporty, creative, or like to set yourself a challenge and have fun. Some of our challenges include sponsored activities such as 21 hour silences, exercise bike riding, or walking) or 21 days without your favourite things (chocolate, alcohol or social media), others are about things you can do for others such as 21 days of kindness or 21 days of new things.

The challenges are designed to be accessible to anyone, anywhere and most importantly – good fun! We’re inviting individuals and communities to take on the tasks together and as groups. We’re going to be approaching a multitude of different communities with ideas for fundraising and awareness raising activities to drum up as much awareness as possible for #Challenge21.

If you feel inspired, our fundraising pack is full of useful tools to make the most of whichever challenge you decide to take on.

All of our challenges are fully adaptable, you can take part in fundraising and be sponsored to do them – have fun and raise money for the DSA at the same time!  A copy of our sponsor form is available from the office or downloadable here.

We’re taking on #Challenge21…will you?

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