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Raise £21 in 21 Days

Whether you raise a £1 for every chore you do during the week, pop your coffee money in a jar for three weeks or just donate a pound of your own money a day, we’d like to ask everyone to try and raise £21 for the DSA in 21 days.

21,000 steps for Team 21

Why not challenge yourself to complete 21,000 steps on World Down Syndrome Day?  Ask 21 people to sponsor you/donate £2.10 or if they’re feeling generous £21.
21,000 steps is roughly the equivalent of nearly 10 miles so if you can’t squeeze that into a day, why not spread the steps out over the week?

Take on a 21 Hour Challenge

Be it holding a 21 hour sleepover or spending 21 hours on an exercise bike,the possibilities are endless!  It’s a challenge you can take on alone or in a team and relay the time; it’s totally up to you.

Run/Walk 21km in 3 Hours

21km converts to just less that half marathon distance.  Why not book yourself onto one of the many half marathons in the UK (Check out ) or map out a 21km walk and set yourself the challenge of completing it within 3 hours?

21 in 21

This one is a big one but the challenge/fundraiser you choose can be as big or small as you like, all you have to do is plan them over 21 consecutive days!

Lots of Steps in Lots of Socks

Technically not fitting in with our ‘21’ theme but why not challenge yourself to complete your various challenges in our fantastic Lots of Socks socks.

21 Days Sober

Most people go Sober for October or take part in Dry January, all we are asking is that you give up alcohol for 21 days and get sponsored to do so.

Give 3 Things Up for 21 Days

Similar to the above but maybe a little tougher.  We are asking you to give up three of your favourite things for 21 DAYS!!  This could be crisps, chocolate, fizzy drinks, your tablet or whatever else you feel would be hard to give up.  You could ask for £1 a day for every day or why not £3 a day for each of the three things you’re refraining from?!

Previous fundraising "bake off" at Imanova21 Days of Kindness

This one is more about sharing your kindness with others and making those around you happy for 21 days.  You could choose to make tea for your colleagues for 21 days, bake cakes, carry the shopping home, anything that makes those around you happy 🙂

DSActive – 21 Shot Rally/21 Keepie Uppies

Our DSActive teams are challenging you to the above – can you complete a 21 shot rally or do 21 keepie uppies?  The challenge is set!

21 New Things

Learn new words, new recipes, find a new hobby.  Whatever it is, find and learn 21 new things and donate £1 for each.

Cook a Three Course Meal for 21 People

This a huge challenge in itself but for those of you who love to cook, why not challenge yourself to cook a three course meal for 21 people?  Invite your friends/family and colleagues and ask them to pay what they think the meal was worth!

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