Support Us : Becky’s 21 Days of Kindness

At the age of 22, I gave birth to my first child Olivia. I had a perfect pregnancy and birth.

We only had 20 minutes to enjoy her the same as all new parents do, with instant love for our bundle of joy. Suddenly we were told that they thought she had a chromosome infection.

We didn’t know what this meant and was advised she had Down’s syndrome, but further tests were needed to confirm. This wasn’t what we expected!

Our world turned upside down, not knowing the future we had together. We had no knowledge or understanding about Down’s syndrome.

We were referred to The Down’s Syndrome Association and given immediate support and advice. It was a roller coaster of emotions. This support was crucial, they reassured us we could be good parents.

So many of our friends and family have watched our journey so far and 9 years on, she is a healthy, loving & funny little diva! (Unsure where she gets that from) Ha.

And I just wanted to say thank you to the DSA, for the help and support that they have given to me and many other families.

So I asked everyone to wear some funky or odd socks on WDSD – Wednesday 21st March. I also booked a tattoo and had the T21 Lucky Few Tattoo.  The tattooist had his odd socks on and only charged me £21 too. The whole day was so meaningful BUT I also challenged myself to do 21 days of kindness, for a donation!

This included many things, mucking out horses (huge fear of mine), provided a cake day at work and was on tea/coffee duties for all, I did babysitting for friends and arranged play day dates for my children and their friends during the half term period, to save others childcare costs!

It all worked out wonderfully but I was overwhelmed with how many people simply just wanted to donate, with no challenge needed. I felt like I was begging people to do their shopping, clean their homes or cars, collect friends from the pub, the list I had was endless!

The support we received and the amount raised was incredible and mostly the awareness was outstanding, EVERYONE got involved. And it was a joy to watch, see and do! I am looking forward to the next challenge and raising more.

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