Support Us : 21 New Things

Why not set yourself a challenge to learn a new skill everyday? Maybe try and get someone to sponsor each skill. We have come up with some suggestions, feel free to think of your own and please do let us know how you get on!

1. The Cup Song 2. The Makaton Alphabet 3. How to make a Sock Monkey 4. How to make cookies/cakes 5. How to French Plait
6. How to Juggle 7. How to use Chopsticks 8. How to shuffle cards 9. Lyrics to a new song 10. A Magic Trick
11. About a historical event 12. How to knit 13. To play a new instrument 14. How to make classic cocktails 15. Fancy Calligraphy
16. 5 phrases in French 17. How to Master Origami 18. How to make balloon animals 19. How to whistle 20. How to tie a bow tie
21. Memorise the periodic table 22. How to play Chess 23. How to crochet 24. A yoga position 25. How to fold shirts
26. How to carve a pumpkin 27. How to make vegetable decorations 28. How to fold napkins 29. Towel origami 30. How to do CPR
31. How to make a campfire 33. How to make Scotch Eggs 33. To contour 34. How to sew a button 35. The Offside rule

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