Support Us : Challenge 50!

2021 is the year that our fun-filled Challenge 21 gets a makeover! As it’s our 50th Anniversary, we want to see our supporters take on #Challenge50!

The challenges are designed to be accessible to anyone, anywhere and most importantly – good fun! We’re inviting individuals and communities to take on the tasks together and as groups. We’re going to be approaching a multitude of different communities with ideas for fundraising and awareness raising activities to drum up as much awareness as possible for #Challenge50.

#Challenge50 Information

Join the #Challenge50 movement and raise awareness and important funds for DSA. There are some great ideas for #Challenge50 below and you can also find some great fundraising resources here. But don’t forget, you can come up with your own #Challenge50 idea too.

My Challenge 50

50 Days Sober

50 Days Without…

50 New Things

50 Days of Chores













Want to add some colour and fun to your #Challenge50? Download our chart and stars below. Why not stick them on the fridge and make it a daily game to complete your #Challenge50!


Don’t forget, if you need any help with your #Challenge50 then contact the team on 0333 1212 300 or

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