Support Us : #PoundsForPickles!

Meet Pickles! The DSA’s green fundraising pig! We are running an exciting new campaign in line with the discontinuation of the old £1 and the launch of the new £1 called #PoundsForPickles!

Pickles is appearing for one month only during October to collect the coins and help support our important work at the DSA.

Do you have what it takes to feed Pickles as fast as you can before he disappears on Halloween?

Every £1 counts towards supporting our fantastic services and projects that support people with Down’s syndrome and the people that care for them.

Download your own Pickles to print, put together and feed by clicking here.

You will also find a paying-in slip here to take to the bank when Pickles is full.

Alternatively, you can also text ‘PICK21 £##’ to 70070 to donate.

If you are interested in hearing more about the wonderful work we do or would like one of our fundraising packs, please do not hesitate to contact us (, 0333 1212 300).

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