09 July 2020: Personal Budgets and Self-Directed Support


11.00 am to 12.00 pm

This webinar is about Personal Budgets and Self-Directed Support – which means people, regardless of age and what help and support they may need, being in control of their own lives and being able to organise support and services in a way that makes sense and works well for them and their families.

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‘Personal budget’ is the term used to describe the overall cost of the care and support services the local authority or CCG arranges or provides to meet a person’s needs. It is usually worked out on a weekly basis and is an important part of getting help from the local authority.

This webinar will look at how personal budgets are set, what they can be used for, examples of how creatively you can use them – it will also give you an overview of your rights and entitlements and what good examples of personalised support can look like.

A personal budget is defined in the Care Act 2014 as having three parts:

  1. overall cost to the local authority of meeting your needs (i.e. the eligible needs it is legally required to meet, or needs it decides to meet)
  2. the amount payable by you (after you have had a financial assessment)
  3. net amount the local authority must pay to meet your needs.

The amount of money in your personal budget can be spent in one of three ways:

1 A managed account: the local authority manages your personal budget in line with your wishes as agreed in the care plan. They look after the money, make arrangements for your care and support, and pay fees out of your personal budget. For example, if you need care and support at home, the authority arrange care services, usually provided by an agency, and pay them from your personal budget.

2 An account managed by a third party: Similar to a managed account, except a third party, sometimes called a broker, manages your personal budget. This can be the actual service provider. These are often referred to as ‘individual service funds’.

3 Direct payments: You are given the personal budget money to spend yourself on meeting your needs, in line with your care plan, in the way that suits you best.

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