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Agnieszka Productions
All the ‘My Little Sister … (who happens to have Down’s syndrome) films, so far:
My Little Sister
Discovering Down's
Discovering Down’s
A Different View
A Different View

Downs Side Up

Downs Side Up
Down's with the kids
Down’s with the Kids

A Extra Chromosome Full of Love Blog image

An Extra Chromosome Full of Love
Future of Down's
Future of Down’s

Heidi's blog

Heidi’s Blog

Max 1

Living Life To The Max


Living With Fin


Orange Juice Flavour Sky
The Future’s Rosie
Blogs on Disability
Autistic Kids Grow Up
BBC Ouch
Speech Therapy
speechbloguk Two British Speech Therapists blogging about all things speech and language

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    The Government has clarified the blue badge criteria. Many of our members who previously received automatic entitlement to a blue badge (because they were awarded DLA mobility under the SMI cr…

  • “13.1 miles is a long way”

    This is a guest blog written by Danielle. Earlier this year Danielle took on her first half marathon with her dad and her sister. These are her own words abo…