World Down Syndrome Day and Down2Earth Call Out

by Kate Powell, Down2Earth Magazine editor

I have been working for the Down’s Syndrome Association (DSA) for around 20 years. In that time we have had lots of fundraising events and get togethers, where people from different areas of the DSA and many patrons come together. I like these events, to raise awareness and money for the DSA.

The 21 March was a very special day, it was World Down Syndrome Day. I have been wearing my socks all last week, which I got from the DSA. You can buy children sizes, adult sizes and you can wear them every day if you want to, especially the special day which is World Downs Syndrome Day. Even you parents and friends can wear them as well. All the money raised goes to the DSA and to raise awareness for the people with Down’s Syndrome. You can buy your very own pair from here and wear them all year round.

Some of the World Down Syndrome Day events were cancelled. I celebrated the day at home wearing my socks, and my ‘keep calm, it’s only an extra chromosome’ t shirt.

I want to give everyone a chance to write into Down2Earth Magazine, and to talk about what jobs they like to do. And to give any examples of how the Down’s Syndrome Association have helped them in the past 50 years. So please send any stories to

I will be working from home for about 4 weeks, but I will keep writing blogs and updating you on things, once I am back in the office, I will get back to you.

Thank You,