Will you offer a helping hand?

Image by Hubert Lawless, My Perspective finalist 2015
Photo by Hubert Lawless, My Perspective finalist 2015

Did you know?

Around 20% of children with Down’s syndrome have complex needs.

This means that they could have an additional diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and/or ADHD, and/or OCD. They may have additional support needs because of this.

What does this mean for families?

While people with more complex needs are undoubtedly loved and valued by their families, there is a general lack of understanding of children with complex needs.

We have experienced increased demand from parents who are struggling to cope with their child’s complex diagnosis, and associated behaviour; and from education and care professionals who do not understand the complexities of the condition, nor know how to appropriately support a child or adult with complex needs.

Families caring for a person with Down’s syndrome and complex needs can, sadly, feel very alone and isolated, even within the wider Down’s syndrome community.

Thanks to you, the DSA is here to help

Families and carers find understanding, shared experiences and expert advice (from our Information & Training team) in our Complex Needs & Autism Facebook group. Families feel less isolated and know where to turn if times get tough.

We also organize regular meetings for families and carers where we focus on just one or two key issues. These sessions are as much about mutual support as they are about sharing knowledge and guidance.

Our Helpline can also offer parents and carers a FREE hour long phone consultation with our experienced clinical psychologist if a situation is particularly challenging.

Help us continue to be there…

Photo by Aleksandra Savic, My Perspective finalist 2012

…providing information, advice and support for everyone who has Down’s syndrome, no matter what level of support they may need; and to be there for their parents and carers when they’re feeling alone, worn out and worried about the future.

Photo by Aleksandra Savic, My Perspective finalist 2012