Welcoming Paul Bird, our new Ambassador

Proudly hailing from the Lake District, Paul Bird owns and runs the most successful team in British motorcycle racing including winning numerous championships on both two and four wheels.

Paul is a top-class rally driver in his own right and in addition works in the family poultry business, meaning spare time is at a premium for the man universally known as ‘Birdy’ but yet he still finds time to be a proud ambassador of the Down’s Syndrome Association (DSA).

“As British champions, we are fortunate to have lots of fans and wherever possible, I try to make time to speak with as many as possible.

One such time, I was introduced to Dave Leslie who was waiting at the back of our garage for an autograph from the riders. We got chatting, so I took him inside and showed him and his family round and they were made up with the experience. To see that smile on his face made me so happy and got me thinking that we should do more so I invited Dave back on a few occasions and thoroughly enjoyed himself.

I wanted to know more about Down’s syndrome, so I read up about it and thought that we as a racing team could do our bit to help and, in my position, I wanted to make a difference. I then was introduced to a young man by the name of Bradley Hodgson who was mad keen on racing. He lived locally so I told him he could come to the workshops and help the team one half day a week. He loves it and the lads love having him there so I approached the DSA and asked how I could help further.

I was asked if I’d like to be an ambassador for the DSA and it was such an honour that I accepted immediately and I’m immensely proud to be involved. I hope to use both mine and the team’s profiles to help this worthy cause and I intend to support the DSA as best I can.”

We are really grateful for Paul’s support and are look forward to working with him.