Unacceptable cuts proposed for SEN services

The Down’s Syndrome Association (DSA) is extremely concerned to hear of moves to cut drastically the funding for schools’ provision, especially where this appears to be an arbitrary decision of cutting bands of funding across the board.

For any child, a good start in life obviously begins with high quality education, in schools with staff who are properly resourced and feel confident in meeting the needs of the pupil.

We acknowledge that local authorities are operating within an environment of increasing pressures on their budgets. However short-sighted policies of saving money during this crucial period of a child’s development could prove counter-productive in the longer term. Children and young people may fail to progress in their learning and their quality of life will be diminished.

All decisions relating to education support should be based on a multidisciplinary, child-centred, assessment of need by suitably qualified professionals and provision should take into account the wishes of the child and their family. Anything less than this would be an infringement of the rights of the child.