Speech and Language

by Kate Powell, Down2Earth Magazine editor

When I was a child I had a lot of Speech and Language therapy, it took a long time for me to be able to say different words so I had help with that.

My mum and the speech therapist worked together and gave me word games to improve my speech.

Some of the activities they gave me were looking at pictures of animals and recognising different noises and sounds, and copying my mum’s voice each time. I also used to play games with my family, I loved that. This really helped my speech.

They both helped me with everything.

You can support children to recognise nursery rhymes by showing pictures and doing signs. This will help the child to develop their speech and language skills.

The Downs Syndrome Association are currently creating resources to help children with their speech and language skills, these will be put on the website soon.

Image courtesy of Monkey Business Images on shutterstock.com