Short Story Competition Winners

Thanks to everyone who entered our short story competition: The Tales of the Magical Lots Of Socks!

A huge variety of magical stories were sent through to us and we absolutely loved reading them. There were stories of time-travel, friendships, monsters, teleportation and… Darth Vader!

Of course, as it is a competition there has to be a winner. We sent our shortlist to professional author (and pirate), Joseph Elliott. He read through all the stories and had the difficult task of picking our three winners.

“Thank you so much to everyone who took part in this competition; the standard was very high, which made it incredibly hard to pick the winners. You all have such great imaginations and I really enjoyed reading your stories. Whether you win or not, keep on writing – you are brilliant.”

Without further ado, here our our winners…


Ben Owen (Age 7) – A lovely piece of fan fiction. I enjoyed how you mixed characters from different genres, and the image of Darth Vader in a flowery dress and heart sunglasses really made me smile.


Dylan Mather: Socks Through Time (Age 10)A beautifully presented entire BOOK, complete with cover illustration and even a blurb on the back. I loved the historical setting and the whole story brimmed with creativity. Great job.


Holly Smith: Night of the Living Socks (Age 11) – I adored this story. Gorgonzola and Wensleydale are genius names for a pair of socks. The interruptions from the narrator made me laugh out loud on several occasions! Original and really fun, congratulations.

Highly Commended: Shaun Embleton & Family – A delightful poem with great structure, all about believing in yourself. As well as enjoying the poem, I loved that this was a team effort by the entire family 🙂 

A huge congratulations to our winners, especially Holly Smith who came first.  Your prizes will be on their way to you soon. Well done!

THANK YOU to all that entered, we hope it gave you a good opportunity to flex those creative writing muscles. Through this competition we raised an amazing total and we thank you all for your kind donations.