Sharing Positive Support | NEW ONLINE SESSION

The Down’s Syndrome Association is hosting a new fortnightly session, called ‘Sharing Positive Support’, that will offer the opportunity to share your experience around behaviour in children and adults who have Down’s syndrome. We recognise that the lived experience is a valuable resource for other parents/carers and practitioners. 

To find out a bit more we asked the session’s facilitator, Jane Mitchell, some questions.

Why are you running these sessions? 

We know that a lot of families are wanting help with managing behaviours, particularly at the moment. These sessions offer a structured environment to explore why behaviours might be happening and to come up with strategies as a group.    

How will the sessions work? 

We will hear about a case study brought by a parent or practitioner and the group will have the opportunity to explore what is happening and possible reasons why? The second part of the session will be about coming up with strategies.

Are the session’s training? 

No, there will be a short presentation at the beginning to clarify some of the principles of positive behavioural support however the sessions are about the group exploring a case study together.

How do you decide what you’re going to talk about? 

Either a person can email a case study in advance or bring one on the day. If there is not time to discuss all the case studies in a particular session, we can arrange to bring them to future sessions.

Is there a theme for each session? 

No, any behaviour that is causing problems can be discussed.

Can I talk about my adult son or daughter? 

Yes, there is no age limit.

How many case studies will you be discussing each session? 

There will probably only be time to explore one case study per session to allow time to come up with strategies. Some strategies could be tried to support children with different behaviour.

Can I come to more than one session? 

Yes, you can come as many times as you like.

Do I have to talk in the session? 

The sessions are collaborative, and we will encourage everyone to contribute however some people may choose to come and just listen.

Is there a charge? 

No, these sessions are free.

The next session is on Thursday 11 February 2021 at 10.30 am. Click here to find out more and sign-up.