Remembrance Day

by Kate Powell, Down2Earth Magazine editor

Let   us   think    about   the    heroes  of   War   and   those  who  have    died.

You  can  wear    your   poppy   wherever   you    go    and  whatever  you  are   doing.

Don’t   forget   the   2   minute   silence   and   to   hear  ‘The Last Post’  played.

If  you  are  working   or   at  home   make   sure   you  do  this,  it  is  part  of history. You   can  see  it  on  TV.

We  will  never  forget  that   Remembrance  is  to  think  about   the  people  that   were  sent   to   war  within   our   prayers.

let’s  light   a  candle   to  remember.

Remembrance Day always happens on 11 November.  This year it will happen on this coming Friday.

A two minute silence is traditionally held at 11 o’clock on Remembrance Day.