POSEIDON – The Research Pilot Begins

In the UK, The Down’s Syndrome Association (DSA) started the first pilots for the POSEIDON Research Project.  Pilots will be underway soon in German and Norway.logo poseidon jpg

Dan POSEIDON BlogThe Test Users – People with Down’s syndrome (Primary Users) and Parents and Carers (Secondary Users) are now testing the new POSEIDON apps.  To assist in the research and development of the apps, the Test Users will give us their feedback so that the POSEIDON Developers can develop the apps even more.

Dan is one of the testers. Dan said he is now looking forward to ‘trying out the apps for real’ and telling the POSEIDON Project Team what he thinks about the apps.

Alexandra POSEIDON blog

Alexandra, a POSEIDON Research Assistant from Middlesex University working with Raffaella, one of the Secondary Users.