POSEIDON pilot in Torquay

The POSEIDON pilot was a chance for all of the Our Voice, Our Choice South West group to try out smart phone apps to help with managing money and finding our way around.

We worked with the developers from the POSEIDON project.  We tested an interactive table and a navigation app on our smartphones.  Here are some pictures of the group at work:


Using the money management app.



Finding our way around with the navigation app.

It was very interesting to see how the technology worked.  We had to give feedback to the developers about the apps.  There were some things that worked for us and some things that didn’t.  It was very useful for the developers to hear our opinions so that they can continue with their work.  We all filled in questionnaires telling the POSEIDON team what we thought about how easy the apps were to use.

During the pilot day, we also met with the Down2Earth group in London via Skype.  We had a great conversation with them and we all learned a lot about each other.

Here is a picture of the Skype.


It was great to meet the London group and find out what they have been doing.  There are plans to have many more Skype meetings and the Devon group would like to find out how to Skype someone in another country.

You can learn more about the POSEIDON project on their website: http://www.poseidon-project.org/