Planning for adulthood – Aged 16-18 Health and social care

The move between child and adult health services is likely to be a phased transition between ages 16 and 18. Different services may have different age limits. During this time your son or daughter will move from the care of a paediatrician to oversight by their GP.

All adult with learning disabilities have a right to an annual health check from their GP and in April 2014 this was extended to young people age 14-17. The annual health check could be a useful way of the GP getting to know a young person with Down’s syndrome better before the formal move to adult health services. The DSA has a health book for adults with Down’s syndrome to help them manage their own health care. For more information see our page on Annual health checks.

When your son or daughter is 16, you should also be thinking about making contact with adult social care. It may help if the young person is already known to children’s services. Legally young people move to adult services at age 18, but recent legislation does provide for an overlap to prevent a gap in support at this point. If the young person has an Education Health and Care Plan, you should ensure that social care support is written into this.

For more information on adult social care, see our page on  Social care support 

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