Our Voice Our Choice SW group – talking about our health – October 2017

We had a busy meeting.

We shared our news…

We talked about health – everything we said was written down here:

We talked about: We said:
Who can  help us with our health? ‘Doctor GP’
What do we do if we are feeling unwell or sick… ‘Sometimes speak to doctors’
‘Talk to staff’
‘Stay at home’
‘Let your job know’
We talked about going to the GP… ‘I go alone’
‘Staff help me’
‘Doctor talks to me’
‘Sometimes the doctor talks to mum’
‘Parents help me’
‘Take Health Book’
‘Makes me nervous’
‘They are there to help’
We talked about the DSA Health Book (four members of the group had a Health Book)… ‘Take to doctors’
‘Fill it in’
‘Private information’
‘About your health’
We talked about the information we get from the doctor about health… ‘Prescriptions are not so easy to understand’
‘Information about medicine – Not always easy to understand properly’
‘Can be tricky to understand words the doctor uses’
‘You can share information or you can keep it private’
We talked about annual health checks… ‘Eyes’
‘Might be blood tests’
‘Blood pressure’
‘Not looking forward to it, I have to go, I have no choice’
We talked about blood tests… ‘Sometimes they get the wrong arm’
‘They check with me before’
‘They don’t check what I need’
We talked about opertations and who chooses what operations we have… ‘You can choose to have support’
‘Sometimes you have to do it, if no choice’
‘Signing paperwork’
‘Doctor’s choose’
‘They explained why I needed it. I then signed’
We talked about what to do if you have a broken bone… ‘Maybe call an ambulance – if an emergency dial 999′
‘Go straight to A&E at hospital’
We talked about what to do if you have itchy skin… ‘If it gets worse see someone’
‘Use cream’
‘If bad go to the doctor’

We then looked at some booklets about health…

Some booklets had too many words.

Some had too many pictures.

We didn’t understand some of the words and pictures.

In one booklet the writing was too small.

In the end we decided we liked this one…

Then we had a very tasty bring and share lunch.