Our Voice Our Choice – September 2018 Meeting

What we did in the Summer

‘I did a lot of Samba’

‘I went on holiday to Portugal, drank pina colada and had a massage’

‘I had a great summer visiting Scotland, Vietnam and Malaysia’

‘I enjoyed visiting mum, dad and my sister. We went on walks with the dog.’

‘I loved going to Bali with my dad’

‘I had a relaxing time going to New Zealand and doing the allotment. I loved drinking beer and wine.’

‘I enjoyed a detox at a spa with mum’


We talked about sport and exercise

We answered some questions for DSActive

We helped DSActive with their work

You can out more about DSActive here

Our tips for healthy living

You can use fruit and veg to make smoothies

Sometimes have a treat, but don’t eat too much

Blood orange is a nice drink

Use the change for life food scanner – it tells you what your food is like

Take a look at this easy read booklet about staying healthy. Click here.