Our Voice Our Choice Meeting – October 2019

It was great to see each other! To start the meeting off, we had a catch up and shared our news…

‘Went to see a show’  ‘Had my Birthday’  ‘Helped mum at home’  ‘Met friends’  ‘Visited gran who is poorly’  ‘Sung in a choir’  ‘Won some medals for skiing’  ‘Went to my brother’s wedding – he had a Hindu wedding’  ‘Had some health problems’  ‘Got a new job’  ‘Relaxed, drank beer’

We then shared what we know about Thyroid:

‘Makes you feel tired and sleepy’  ‘It’s in your neck’ – one of the group pointed to the front of the throat area  ‘Blood tests’ – ‘you get an email from the doctor to tell you to come’  ‘Headaches’  ‘Woozy’  ‘Annual health check’  ‘Medication’ – ‘pills’ – one of the group said he takes Thyroxin  ‘Sometimes you can take liquid medication if you can’t take pills’

We looked at an easy read resource about Thyroid the DSA is helping with.
We thought ‘symptoms’ was a hard word – ‘signs’ is a better word.
We talked a bit about ‘reasonable adjustments’ – we found this hard to understand.

We talked about DSActive’s Health Swap App. Three members of the group use the App. Here is what they said:

‘Gives goals’  ‘Helps you with what to achieve’  ‘Keeps you going’  ‘Makes you do more’

We looked at a DSActive presentation and answered some questions:

These are the activities/sports we enjoy:

Skiing, squash, dancing, swimming, tennis, badminton, Zumba, cross training, bowling, walking, yoga, gym, weightlifting, football, cycling, rowing, boxing, golf, horse riding, surfing and sailing

These are activities/sports we want to try:

Sky diving, archery, rock climbing, kite surfing, paragliding, zip wire and kayaking

We decided these things are not healthy:

Chocolate, sugary food with calories, doughnuts and fatty foods

These are our favourite meals:

Spaghetti bolognese, fish pie, roast chicken, fish curry, fish and chips, Christmas dinner, cottage pie, chicken tikka.

We finished with a very nice bring and share lunch.