Our Voice Our Choice Meeting – November 2019

We told each other our news.

The DSA wanted to know what we thought about school.

We started by sharing our school photos, year books and certificates.

Here is what we said:

Work is much better than school – Work is different

Liked English, Geography & History

Enjoyed Food, Technology, PE, Art & Drama

School was embarrassing

Meet new teachers

Didn’t like the strict history teacher (she was my mum)

I loved secondary school – all my friends went there

Going on school trips

I studied maths, music, history, English, IT & photography

Getting a detention – had to write lines!

Having a TA to help you – had different ones

Getting excluded

Told off for fighting

Being in a house

Everyone has different needs

Talking to students and teachers

Did not like my head teacher at primary school – he picked  on me – he picked on other people as well

I was in a play

Being bullied

One person in the group didn’t want to talk about school – they said they hadn’t enjoyed it.

Another person told us they spoke to the teachers and pupils at their school about Down’s syndrome.

We finished the session by making plans for our Xmas lunch.

Then we had a lovely bring and share lunch to finish the day.