Our Voice Our Choice – March Meeting 2020

We told each other our news.

We had to cancel the last meeting because of the storm so we had lots to catch up on

We talked about Down’s Syndrome Awareness Week – this year it is about ‘We Decide’

So we talked about some big and small decisions we have made – here is what we said:

Having an operation on my eyes’

‘Going out with friends or staying at home’

‘Having my heart operation’

‘Getting the train to work’

‘Getting a job’

‘Eating healthy food’

‘Taking a break from skiing’


‘To do more swimming – a challenge’

‘To do some running’

‘To have some support’

‘Choosing what to cook’

‘Going on the bus on my own’

‘To be with my boyfriend’

‘To be in the panto’

‘Choosing not to go on holiday with my family’

‘What to eat/cook’

One member of the group told us about meeting the Chief Executive of Plymouth Hospital.

Here is what she told us about her visit:

‘I met Ann James who is the Chief Executive Officer

She likes her job

She cares about people and can help

Plymouth Hospital has patients who have Down’s syndrome

There are no staff at the hospital who have Down’s syndrome

There is a project at the hospital for people who have learning disabilities called ‘Project Search’

There is a special learning disability team to help you when you are in hospital

When you go to hospital it’s important that they know what you do and don’t like and what worries you – A Hospital Passport can help with this.

I had a tour of the unit for poorly babies  – it is open 24 hours each day – sometimes there are babies with Down’s syndrome here’

The Down’s Syndrome Association asked for our help – they are making an easy read booklet about bullying.

So we talked about bullying – here is what we said:

We started by saying: 

‘Bullying is always wrong’

‘It is hurtful’

What is bullying?

‘People swearing at you at work’

‘Gangs and fighting’

‘Physical stuff – hair pulling’


Where does bullying happen?

In the street, town, work, school, anywhere, phone hacking, social media’

What to do:

Tell my boss’

‘Tell them to stop’

‘Tell police, family, friends, enabler’

We finished the meeting with a bring and share lunch

One of the members baked an amazing cake to celebrate Down’s Syndrome Association’s 50th Anniversary.