Our Voice Our Choice Meeting – January 2020

We shared our news and we talked about Christmas.

We talked about where we live.

Some of us live at home with our families.

Some of us live in supported living – on our own or with friends.

Some of us have started thinking about leaving home.

Some of us had seen the programme on Channel Four called ‘Home Free’.

We talked about people living together in the TV programme ‘Friends’.

Here is what we said:

‘It is helpful to have support’ (wherever we live)

Living with family



‘Nice people’

Living away from family

‘Make my own decisions – good – can be stressful’

‘Need help with understanding bills’

‘Strange – miss my family’

‘Get to choose your own stuff’

‘Gives you independence’

‘Good to have my own money’

‘Pay my own rent with housing benefit’

Planning to move later on

‘It’s a big step’

‘Have a taster – like when people go to university – they go away but come back’

‘Do all their own cooking, washing and cleaning – like ‘Home Free’ – this is good’

‘Get help to make decisions – family – circle of support’

‘Moving on at college’

‘I looked at more than one place’

It was hard thinking about leaving home – It made some of us feel worried.

We talked about it being our choice about where we live.

We talked about how the DSA can help you think about where to live.

We looked at some DSA easy read resources about choosing where to live.