Our Voice Our Choice – First Meeting of 2018

We started with a catch-up session about what we had done at Christmas.

Last year we helped with some research about making decisions.

So we talked about what the research has found out and then we had a discussion about making decisions.

Hard decisions

‘saying no or stopping something’ ‘to move home’ ‘about work and interviews’ ‘talk to parents’  ‘when other people disagree with your decision’

What choices do we make?

Food – ‘choosing what I cook’

Support workers – ‘can have a say about what they do’  ‘say when not happy – told the manager’  ‘support workers can get stressed’  ‘make sure they know what you want and what you don’t like’

Work – ‘tried it out first’  ‘speak to staff about changes’  ‘deciding what work to do’  ‘family help’

Hobbies and activities – ‘what to do’  ‘where to do it’

Where you live –  ‘with family or away’

What helps?

‘helps to have someone to talk to’  ‘got support from dad’  ‘talk to support workers’  ‘I used an advocate’  ‘support from circle of support’  ‘use an “all about me” slide show/powerpoint’  ‘hearing what other people think’  ‘having a choice’  ‘pictures help’  ‘words help’  ‘a bit of both helps’  ‘doing things at my own speed’

What doesn’t help

‘too many choices at once’  ‘rushing is stressful, it stops me thinking’  ‘people being bossy’