Our Voice Our Choice – February Meeting

We shared our news, everyone had been very busy.

We talked about the snow.

One member of the group had become an aunt – we saw photos of the new baby.

Another member of the group shared a folder of his Special Olympics photos and certificates – there was a brilliant photo  doing the long jump.

This year World Down’s Syndrome Day is about ‘Leave No One Behind’.

So we thought about jobs and working.

This is what we do at work:

Weeding and sweeping up paths to walk on

Chopping wood

Plants in pots

Wash dishes and put things away

Serve at tables

Cook soup and bread rolls

Washing up after Sunday roast

Work hard

Make snacks for the children

Collect dishes

Putting clothes on hangers


Putting stickers on bags

This is why we like working:

Helping people

Working in the team

Getting paid on the Friday



Team work

The Hummus


Working makes us feel:




Enjoyable and happy

Feel good and happy