Our Voice Our Choice – April 2019 meeting

We shared our news – One member of the group showed us some photos of his trip to New Zealand

The DSA are thinking about helping people to feel good in happy times and difficult times

– So at the meeting we helped the DSA by talking about feelings

We thought about the names for some feelings: 

 Playful   Frustrated   Hyper   Excited   Singing & dancing    Having fun  Drunk  Mood  Cross  Confused Hungry   Stressed   Entertaining   Amusing   Happy    Annoyed  Unhappy  Nice  Relaxed  Sad  Upset  Embarrassed   Shocked  Tired  Jumpy  Angry.


We talked about feeling happy

How does it feel?

Awesome,     Fantastic,  Amazing ,  Proud inside,  Heart beating fast


How do we know if someone is happy?

Smiley faces, Having a good time,    Gestures,  Body language


Happy Colours

 Yellow (like the sun),    Orange ,  Red,  White,  Violet,  Purple,  Turquoise,  Blue ,  Pink


These things make us feel happy:

 Taking pictures,     Holidays,  Dancing,  Cuddles,  Party,  Lighting a fire,  Horse riding,  Eating out,  Going to the theatre,  Bowling,  Watching films,  Going clubbing,  Looking at the moon and the stars


These things make us feel relaxed

 Listening to dolphins,    Music,  Fresh air,   Listening to sounds – sea and birds singing,  Drinking, 

Hot bath,    Sleeping,  Peace and quiet,  Being with friends,  Cleaning,  Watching movies