Our 21k steps story | Natasha and Clare

Hello, we are Clare and Natasha and we wanted to let you know our story about raising money for the DSA. We found out about the 21k walk challenge after being on DSA website back in February. Our support worker asked us if we would be interested in giving it a go. We looked at each other and said “yes”. We then set up our sponsorship page and began to tell our friends and families.

We started by putting together a daily training plan which also included the DSA DSEngage Zoom dance classes and Pilates sessions which helped get us both in shape. We started each morning with our own keep fit session followed by a 45min walk (even in the rain).

As the weekend got closer, we started to see that our sponsorship money was getting more and more and with lots of good luck messages. By the Friday we were feeling good and ready to do the walk.

Saturday the 20th March we set out at 10.21am and arrived back home at 1.30pm exhausted. Our total for today was 12.5 k. We both sat back and put our feet up and relaxed for the rest of the day, ready to start again in the morning.

Sunday 21st March we left our home at 10am, but today we were both aching from yesterday’s walk. We kept each other going by encouraging each other throughout the walk. We arrived back home at 1.30pm after completing 13.1k (TOTAL OVER TWO DAYS 25.6K )

After the second day and completing the challenge we celebrated by opening a bottle of champagne and both enjoyed a foot spa and relaxing afternoon. We would like to say well done to everyone that has taken on a challenge and we would also like to say thank you to everybody that sponsored us and thank the DSA for giving us the idea.