Normansfield – Protecting a Theatrical Past

Theatre Woodland Sunset rebuild _Z4C8963 (Large)

Woodland scene backdrop

We have been continuing with our ‘Normansfield – Protecting a Theatrical Past’ project and have now almost completed the external drainage work to both sides of our basement area where our scenery storage rack is based.   The drainage team opened and repaired the existing drainage channels and have now connected and installed a sump pump.  Work will be completed early in October.

A team of seven, under the guidance of David Wilmore, photographed every piece of scenery in our storage area in the theatre.   Backdrops, borders, additional flats and standalone pieces of stage scenery were photographed.   Karen Thompson, who was part of the original Conservation team, was here to assess the condition of the scenery.    A workshop for four GCSE photography students was held and two students from Bournemouth University, who are documenting the project, filmed throughout.
The next stage of the project will be the cataloguing of the scenery and the IT work on the virtual theatre which will take place this autumn.
A selection of photographs from the student workshop and a sample of the backdrops  are shown below.

Theatre RB7 Woodland Sky_Z4C9219 (Large)   Theatre Normansfield general_Z4C9039 (Large)

An example of one of the Victorian borders               The team laying out one of the backdrops for hanging

Theatre River scene_Z4C8936 sml (Large)    Theatre 21 front BH1R9820 (Large)

River scene backdrop                                                                              An example of one of the additional flats

Theatre Nomansfieldphotographers1 (Large)

GCSE students with David Wilmore during their workshop