New behaviour resources…coming soon!

Our information team are currently busy creating resources on supporting behaviour, which will soon be available on our website, and will be free to download.

These resources are aimed at parents, carers, schools and professionals and will include a variety of practical information and techniques to identify the roots of behaviours and to help people provide positive support to people who have Down’s syndrome.

We frequently receive calls to our information helpline from parents and professionals seeking advice around behaviour and what strategies they can put in place to support children and adults.

The resources we are making are designed to give easy to use practical information.

We are currently producing a wide variety of factsheets and resources for parents, caregivers and professionals to use. These include:

  • The Changing Behaviour GuideThis is a step by step strategy towards understanding and promoting positive behaviour and emotional wellbeing.
  • A new Behaviour Support PlanThis is designed to support parents, caregivers and education professionals record and maintain a blue print for positive behavioural support.
  • Our new ABC record and Frequency Charts used to record and tally information about behaviour
  • New Behaviour Toolkits with how to guides on how to complete this information and where to seek further advice and support.

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If you have any questions or concerns about behaviour and you’d like to discuss them with one of our Information Officers, please give our Helpline a call: