My travel highlights

by Kate Powell, Down2Earth Magazine editor

Places that I have been plus one thing I like about that place:

Macedonia – I liked educating children with learning disabilities and Down’s syndrome.

North Carolina, United States of America – I liked seeing family and traveling around

Lourdes, France – I went on a Pilgrim Trust trip which was really fun to do.

Geneva, Switzerland – I went to the UN in Geneva. I did a speech in front of professionals for the Down’s syndrome association for World Downs syndrome Day 2017. I enjoyed speaking there.

Wales – I went to Snowdonia and Cardiff with my school – I loved the scenery

New York, United States of America – I went to the UN with my colleague Veronica for world Downs Syndrome Day 2016. Veronica was the manager of WorkFit at the DSA. I liked it because I was working as a team. I liked mingling with people. I enjoyed the speech about WorkFit. I also saw my cousins who came to see me deliver my speech. We then went for a meal afterwards.

(Images courtesy of Noé Alfaro under CC licence on FlickR; hoeldino on pixabay; foxycoxy on pixabay;  Maina Kiai on flickr; Larondina Dance Group)